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America Speaks For Itself

by Michael Psycho

Such a lovely way to live, night after night If you fail to find a mate, maybe you can fight Saturate yourself in foreign substances And pretend you can dance. Hey, you've got a right, you earned it 'cause you are a good American. (So God bless you!) HEY! Have you heard the latest non-conformist band? SURE you have! The stations play 'em forty times a day! Spend a fortune on some concert tickets Just to say that you were there. (I was right THERE, man!) Hey, you've got a right, you earned it 'Cause you are a good American. (So rock on!) That garbage at the fast food joint is really foul and weak But you spend your money there 'bout seven times a week. So what if they tear up rainforests Just so you can get a cheaper meal? (Hey, that's called PRAW-gress and CAP-talizm!) Hey, you've got a right, you earned it 'Cause you are a good American. (Hey, they get their tax breaks like everyone else, RIGHT?) Uh oh, looks like you got too hooked up on their sick game You skipped work to party too many times And they said, "See ya!" Put your stuff in storage And take tours of your friends' couches for a while. (Things will get better, you'll see) Things will straighten up And you'll be back into the game. But somehow when things don't get worse Then they're all just the same. But, you know, America's still OK, isn't it?
Here's another stupid pop song With no brains or soul to it But we know you'll learn to love it 'Cause we'll tell you it's a hit We'll suck up to radio people Buy them lunch and lots of drinks Kissing butts will give us airplay So what if the music stinks This to us is strictly business Marketing and royalties Units shipped and albums sold To CEOs we aim to please
Step right up, there's nothing to fear Bring your money over here It's cool, it's hip, it's all the rage It will keep you in our cage We're the ones no one can stop We're the powers at the top We will tell you what you need In your brains we'll plant the seed Modern culture dictated by children Out of the mouths of babes so fashion goes Media will scramble for your attention Corporations watch their profits grow Profit margins are our claim to fame Selling snake oil is our game You don't really need the crap But you fell for our clever rap Work all day and sleep all night Easy to keep you in our sight If you don't keep buying stuff Your existence ain't worth enough Better stick to buying pricey new things Or what will all your friends and neighbors say Second hand is for the lower classes In our grips you know you're doomed to STAY!
I'm sorry I'm not cool enough for you I'm just not cool enough And you are just too cool Gee I bet that all your friends All think that you're so cool That's why you let them be your friends 'Cause they can never be as cool as you And they can all admire you 'Cause you are just too cool But I can't figure out What you have ever really done To make yourself so cool You basically just show up at all The trendy spots And you just hang around and demonstrate How to be cool And talk a bunch of trash with your Social clique du jour About all of the people who you don't Think are as cool But now you're in my telescope I'm scrutinizing you And personally from my perspective You're a useless fool Without your outer camouflage You're just so destitute Of any everlasting value Or a coherent thought I really don't give a rat's ass About what you own or bought If you need to disparage me Consider if you can You're just a mental midget And I'm a wiser man Fascists like you show me What is wrong with our domain I point out idiots like you And I've no need to explain To anyone who needs to know Why our society's heart and soul Is washing down the drain So don't you even look at me If you know what's good for you You'll only end up smearing yourself Since as you know deep down inside You're not really a socialite You're just a prostitute Your tricks are admiration From those just as dumb as you But it don't matter what I say 'Cause you are just too cool... Your flatulations smell just like roses 'cause you're too cool!
What a man'll do for pussy... He'll make her think that he really likes her personality And he'll make her think he really knows her too completely He'll make her like him and think he's such a nice guy He'll have her completely and irreversibly convinced That he'll take her places that she's never been And he'll shower her with lots of ritzy things And he'll have her convinced that he might commit But actually he just wants to get in her pants And stick his penis in her vagina until he ejaculates And hope to do it a few more times until he's sick of her Then he hopes to find another fine girl to repeat the process But as it turns out that he is such a loser That he can't find anyone else so he'll stick with her And so he'll convince himself that she is the one That he wants to spend his life with so he'll buy a ring Because she has a fine ass body and she lets him Stick his penis into her vagina until he ejaculates And then real soon he convinces her that she can Throw her birth control away and try to start a family And then nine months later they've got a mouth to feed And then real soon it does not look too merry anymore She starts to gain some cellulite on her hips and thighs and butt And as it turns out his entry level service job Can't pay for diapers or anything the baby needs And then he gets depressed and frustrated and makes a snap decision And he just ups and leaves her high and dry And she can't apply for welfare 'cause they made all those cuts And nowadays there's absolutely no sign of Daddy So she can't get no child support and moves in with her parents Because somehow once upon a time he managed to convince her That she's gonna be his wife for the rest of their lives And that they'd be like soulmates for all eternity And they'd become upstanding members of the community A Ward Cleaver role model for his children Living the American dream So let this be a lesson for all you horny men And you women looking at them and envisioning Baby boots and carriages thinking you've got it planned Well let me tell you goddamn you better have a plan If you're not really committed to this then you are gonna learn First hand straight in the hard way what it's like to get burned before you take the steps to bring human life into this world You'd better know you'd better try to see what's real And what will pass for What a man'll do for pussy...
The market is a depressing place Where hucksters parade their wares And bourgeois clones fall over themselves To buy artificial joy I only want to go to Babylon Just to watch it burn to the ground In this setting of sham tranquility Your dollar is your blood, Your bank is your body, And your job is your cross. You are what you buy Your value to them is your Potential to be used And worn out If you can not produce They will kill you slowly By letting you slip through the cracks And erase social programs Giving the impression That you died at your own hand They will lessen opportunity And bold faced lie About your own uselessness They will make it more difficult As time goes by For your happiness and success They’ll increase their power As they become more secure And guarantee their control Their money machine is now running smooth And you can go to Hell After all it is their noble duty To protect you from yourself
RF Media 02:09
They want to know what you see They want to know what you hear They are making every effort To keep up with what you do Your friendly local NSA Is very interested in you And that just is not enough Now they must alter your thoughts Beam out the frequencies And they may work or they may not Radio frequencies To try to dictate your thoughts Mind control in the first degree Thought control it's plain to see Just some dumb experiment What scares me is their intent Their main motive is sincere Their main goal is pretty clear Mass manipulation plans Electromagnetic iron hand See those antenna dishes Up on that tall building's roof Your local government Has no idea what they do They just accommodate 'Cause there is fuck else to do...
Working for the cops You get a shiny badge You get to tote a gun And your stick is big Citizens are scared of you And restaurants give you food You can beat somebody's ass Just for being rude Working for the cops You get benefits You get to play with a siren With flashy lights and shit There are informants to hit up And ticket quotas to fill You can jump anyone you want Just don't get it filmed
Join your local militia Be a hero in your own mind Join your local militia Play soldier and pretend you’re at war Join your local militia Hate the government in a militant way Join your local militia Be a paranoid dumb fuck sign up today It’s a patriotic thing We don’t hate the government You’d probably never understand And we don’t really either We just read the Constitution Almost all the way through And we know for sure It says we can shoot anybody Waco was a tragedy We don’t really support Koresh We just think he’s a great excuse To foster our ideals We got a lot of desperate hicks Who live in hick towns in the sticks To pay us dues and wear a patch Which notes their unit name Timothy McVeigh Was a patriotic dude Then he got caught and prosecuted Now he’s not so cool He’s kind of a pariah Doesn’t garner much support But when we have secret meetings To St. Tim we raise a toast The UN is plotting A hostile takeover They’re sending in black helicopters From the Canadian border And our government is selling out To these foreign threats We should be the ones in charge So we can dictate all the rest
America, America What has happened to your Once proud and mighty dream? You have replaced it With greed, deep greed And nonstop consumerism What has happened to your dream You have replaced it With the common denominator Of your denominations of your currency America, America What has happened to your dream You have replaced it With the cheapening of human life For the profit margin Profit at any cost America, America What has happened to your dream America, America What have you done To your land? You have slaughtered down Bison You hacked forests down To dirt You have destroyed Your Native people Imprisoned and herded them Like livestock America What has happened to your dream What has happened True or lie The home of the free America America, America Why have you disrespected Our fellow members Of the planet so? You act as if you own The entire world Just because you have The most powerful bombs America, America What has happened to your dream You destroy other governments When you feel the need America, America Why do you despise yourself so That you must despise others America, America America, America You are supposed to be the salvation Of the tired and poor of the world Now you see those within your borders Who are suffering from poverty And only see them as a liability Someone to sweep under the rug Like a crazy aunt in the attic Someone to deny responsibility Even though the capitalist system Which you condone Keeps them down And in poverty America, America What has happened to your dream America, America You claim to be the land of the free But you imprison more human beings Than any other nation in the world Any free nation Claiming to be a free nation Such as yourself Would figure to be a little more Merciful America, America What has happened to your dream The eagle is withering its feathers And is dying The eye of the pyramid is going blind What will you do What will you do America With your future Will you let it self-destruct America, America What has happened to your dream
(These are well known American patriotic tunes. If you can't sing along already, Google the lyrics. -MP)


released July 1, 1997


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

"His songs aren't flashy, but the riffs and lyrics are awesome."

- Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

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