Think 2​.​0

by Michael Psycho



released November 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

Old, angry guy and reputedly the world's most hated musician. Creator of DIY classics such as the 1990 vinyl slab named "Think" (re-released on S-S Records in 2014). The world is his playpen. He always gets what he wants in the end. He has the uncanny ability to witness karma and schadenfreude simultaneously. People in "I ♥ Haters" shirts hate him. ... more

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Track Name: Dead Little Trendies
The dead little trendies
Are piled up in the street
Their deaths are sure to
Mess up the economy
The poor store owners
Are out committing Hari-Kari
Dead little trendies
Are piled up in the street

There’s no hero now
To get you off the hook
The dead little weenyboppers
Killed for their own good
We’ve crippled all the fashionmongers
They’re the real crooks
The dead little trendies
Piled up like firewood

Us nonconformists
Are getting sick of you
But you’re so dumb and unrelenting
What else can you do?

Kill ‘em all…
Track Name: You Can Laugh (Who's The Fool?)
You can laugh at how I look.
I hope I'm entertaining you.
I might not be laughing back out loud,
But I think your life is funny too.
'Cause you're a stupid corporate sucker,
A coward stuck in the system gears.
You're so afraid of the friends you'll lose
If you'd make up your own points of view.

So run to the shopping malls right now
With hard earned money in your wallet
And spend it on what's in this season.
You've got to keep up with fashion trends.
And keep on laughing at me, fool,
'Cause at least I can think for myself.
I'll keep on living happy/insane,
While you think on others' pressure until the fuckin' grave...

'Til you're down in the fuckin' ditch!
Ah hah...
Track Name: Gossip Column
Now, the problems have been solved
And there’s no more tears.
We start to get our heads together, now
When someone interferes.

Why do they make it their business
In everybody’s but their own?
There’ll be a day when we escape this.
Someday, we’ll be left alone.
We’ll be together, just each other,
Free to be our own.
But for now, we’ll be the subject
Of all the gossip that they know.

It’s ancient history,
What they’re all talking about.
Have they got better to do?
Ha! I doubt!
They have their own little world
On their own one way street.
They live there every day.
They’re gonna die on it.
Track Name: June Monster’s Complaint
People disgust me nowadays
Just want to make money and get laid
Complain and gossip all the time
Nothing constructive, sit around and whine
Waiting for something to suck their brains out
Keep their egos satisfied
Guilt trips to keep them motivated
Saccharine dreams to masticate to
Prizes for keeping up with the Joneses
A few more dollars for your slave work
I’m sick of war, I’m sick of peace
And all the schmucks that eat it up

World affairs bore me to Hell
And the slime in which they dwell
Sometimes I wish they’d drop the big bombs
But I know they lack the balls
They just want to rake in profits
Wasting other people’s taxes
People screw up when they think
Worry less ‘bout death than how they stink
Wasting millions out on zit cream
Just so they’d get more respect
They wouldn’t get off their chairs to pee
If it weren't for On Demand TV

They always try to make me feel
Like my head’s got a busted wheel
Try to down me ‘cause I’m not
In possession of what they’ve got
I hate idiots who try to
Make me feel like I don’t belong
Maybe I don’t want to belong
Maybe I don’t want to get along
I’d be a suicide in a day
If I suckered out to the game you play
Why should I even try the real world?
Compared to me, you’re processed cheese!

I hate people who try to make me feel
Like I don’t know anything
Just ‘cause they got a piece of paper
Ph. Ds are a total joke
Someday it’ll come crashing down
They’ll be scrounging in the streets
They can annihilate themselves
Race each other on a road to hell
Armageddon’s just around the corner
I’m not worried! It’ll solve things!
Lead us to a more perfect world
Where we don’t have to listen to you
And you don’t have to listen to me…
Track Name: Psychotherapy
First, you get a little anxious
Then you get a little nervous
Then you start to get delirious

Psychotherapy… time for psychotherapy

First, they take you to the hospital
Then they give you the one-all
‘Cause your head is in recall

From psychotherapy… time for psychotherapy

Pretty pictures and inkspots
Making dust cloths and flower pots
Doesn’t mean a whole Hell of a lot
Of psychotherapy… time for psychotherapy

How’d you manage to get here?
You can’t even remember
All those pills and all those years

Of psychotherapy… time for psychotherapy

Freudian slip!
Track Name: (A) Political Song
I’m so sick of the leadership today…

And I’m pissed off at the state of the world…

And I don’t need no laws to drag me down…

And I don’t care what the government thinks…
I don’t care ‘cause the government stinks
So I don’t care what the government thinks
Track Name: Teenage Love Affair Boogie
She didn’t have a very pretty face
But her body was nice in almost every place
He was an ugly mother, but she didn’t care
He had wheels and bucks and took her everywhere
She knew right then she had a first prize catch
He was overjoyed he’d finally found some snatch
And didn’t care at all about the money he’d paid
‘Cause when he got her drunk he was getting laid
She was happy, long as he got his way…

Well now it’s been a year and she’s out of school
And poor dear her future doesn’t look too cool
She had to get an abortion ‘cause of her lover guy
Who left her long before, left her high and dry
He’s got the same old job and wears the same old clothes
He drives the same old car to all the watering holes
‘Cept he’s now one horny old S.O.B.
Who no longer gets his rocks off for free
She was happy, long as he got his way…

She was happy, long as he was getting laid…
Track Name: Violent, Mindless Hatred
All I think about is violence
Violence out on the streets
Violence caused by the puppet strings
Of the big bucks government
Violence on cable networks
Hey, that’s in and cool
But they have to label me violent…

Violent, mindless hatred
Is all I think about

All I think about is hatred
Hatred guised as patriotism
Hatred fertilized by people who control the world
Hatred on all seven continents
Hey, that’s in and cool
But they have to label me hatred…
Track Name: The Kids Are Exploited
The kids are exploited
And they don’t know what’s happening
They have a choice
Between cock rock stars
And pseudo-rebels
Who want to take their money.

The guys want to rock,
And the girls just want to fuck.
So the guys go to the concerts
‘Cause the girls are there and they all want to
Suck on Robert’s “Big Log.”

And the kids are exploited
And they don’t know what’s happening
And I doubt the kids would care.
Yeah, I doubt the kids would care.

(“Fuck, man! I don’t give a shit! I want to rock!”)
Track Name: Justice System
Suddenly, law students
Join up in the fray.
They’ll someday be judges
Who’ll make the people pay.
They’ll choke your rights without a doubt
(Their careers are on the line.)
Their excuse for convicting you
Is, “You did not look right.”

So, this is America,
The land of the free?
That’s not what it was
As I can personally see.
They constantly ragged on
My right to be me.
Suggested that I pick from
Their conformity tree.
Track Name: Decent Setups
We’ve all grown up and
The cause is all over
Now all of us can see what
Real life is all about and
We need our cigarettes and
An overdose of coffee
Our means are pretty decent
Our ways are atrocious

In a state of conformity
You’ll stay hungry
You’ll stay lonely
You’ll stay homely

Through decent setups
And legal bombs
We’ve figured a way out
To pay our back taxes
We’re cheating and forgetful
You’d probably feel the same way
If you had indecisive

In a state of conformity
You’ll stay hungry
You’ll stay lonely
You’ll stay horny
Track Name: Mind Sex
You call this a relationship?
Nah, I think you’re full of shit.
Talk about how you hate commitments;
Just want to screw lots of guys.

C’mon, warp my mind
Yeah, sex my mind, baby

Harp on about honesty.
Practice what you preach.
You talk about how you need the space.
You just want to see me out of my face.

C’mon, warp my mind
Yeah, sex my mind, baby
Track Name: Bobby Is A Nice Kid
Bobby is a nice kid
He brushes his teeth everyday
Does what his Mommy says all the time
And always earns his pay.
He takes out ugly, fat girls for fun
And goes to church every Sunday.
Bobby is a nice kid
And I hate him.

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