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Mission Bag

by Michael Psycho

Spectator 02:58
Nothing worse than a barstool critic Gave up desire to create Spectator The perfect sucker for the state Spectator Sit there and criticize all day Spectator Pretend you have anything real to say You don’t Nothing worse than a bus stop critic Watch someone else doing their work Spectator Talk to them like a contemptuous jerk Spectator Think you have a right to verbally abuse Spectator You have no remotely intelligent views You puke Why learn when it’s easier to assume Why create when it’s easier to consume Nothing worse than a park bench critic Keep your lame opinions to yourself Spectator Stop showing your poor mental health Spectator Don’t care who you are or what you do Spectator You’re only toxic to this world Screw you Think you’re clever and you entertain You should leave your thoughts inside your brain Why learn when it’s easier to assume Why create when it’s easier to consume Nothing worse than a spectating critic
Home and Up 03:07
Home Home I don’t know Home Home Home I don’t know Home Somehow Will I find My way To this place Home Home I don’t know What is home Home What is home I don’t know Where to go Somehow Will I find My way To this place Somehow I might find My way To some place Called home
It was so many years ago I don’t know where she went I never saw her again I wonder where she went One day I was walking home That was when her head emerged From her current dumpster search I wondered what she meant The dumpster girl thinks I’m kind of hot She don’t know why I spoke with a quick reflex I told her that I had a girl She replied that she understood She’s in a trashy world I found out about the man They found in a garbage can His girl confessed to the kill She don’t know why She still loves the man she killed She don’t know why
Transitron 04:00
All day long Was hard to breathe Overnight Was hard to see Smoke rose up All day and night Fire burned Deadly and bright The Transitron It’s long been gone We were kids We didn’t care Scavenging And unaware Big white pills We threw around Played for days On toxic ground Wonder what Happened to them Neighbors, first responders, friends How many Are still around What might have Their doctors found Could they have spoken out What did they know about In those days Nobody dared To analyze Corporate affairs Accidents Were part of lives Grown ups, kids, Husbands and wives Burying Your next of kin Just natural Had to have been
So many choices So little time Will I do the right thing Will it be a crime Who can I turn to Who can I trust Who can I ask To help me if I must Everything seems Like a game of sink or swim Every situation That I find myself in Always on my own Always act alone Still the rewards Are always nice to own Should I do it If I want to do it Maybe I should just Leave it for a while
As You Were 03:04
There’s hearing And there’s listening Are you listening With your ear to the wall You don’t need To know everything around you Why do You try to know it all There’s speaking And there’s really saying something Are you saying anything Or just speaking You don’t need To say everything you’re thinking Why do You need to speak it all There’s living And there’s merely existing Are you existing Without a will to live You don’t need To always be in action Be still and Opportunity will give
Give It Time 03:24
I’m sorry If this all sounds awkward But I couldn’t find any way To speak the words to say And I don’t really think about That time I spoke to you I don’t dwell on what you said Because I don’t want to What went on with you Is none of my business But I still wonder about Why you chose it to do Where you’ve been Is nowhere I know But I still wonder about What you did Did you know How much I admired you When you talked of pulling the trigger I didn’t know what to do I was young then Admittedly kind of dumb It was you with your hand on the gun Don’t know what I could have done I guess I’m here and have to live And I know I’m the last one left With anything to give Mom and dad Perhaps you’ve met again Hopefully you’re not knocking heads At least act like you’re friends
I like living my life Without a care I still keep my eyes and ears Aware Minding your business That’s all well and fine But someone’s gonna pull up From time to time When they come up knocking You know what’s best for you When they ring up for you You’d better know what to do En garde You better make sure you don’t get screwed Sometime They’re gonna ding you out of the blue What goes on with you Is your concern Don’t wait ‘til it’s late For you to learn Other people out there They don’t care They’ll move up when You are least aware
If you’ve lived here for a while in the USA You know there’s shadow factors here in play There’s racism there’s sexism and xenophobia too They just like keeping down low how they do One day not too long ago a desperate groan arose Because of the black President we chose They were so offended and were upset as a whole They signed the papers over for their souls There were all the warnings that he would drag you down The best screenwriters couldn’t make it up He walked like a duck and he quacked like a duck But you still said “what the fuck, let’s back him up” All that matters to the folks who run the G.O.P. Is fooling working folks like you and me But when the people voted and we chose to disagree They had a tantrum, in their pants they peed They screamed, “Fixed election!” and lawsuits, they were filed The rhetoric was too dumb for a child They rallied and they bitched, and just spouted stupid lies, which Just dug a deeper ditch after a while I have never seen a single name I’d want to vote Into an office from Republicans Still there are some questions I feel I need to ask So now I guess I’ll ask them, just for fun Why’d you let the devil fuck you up the ass? Why’d you let him take you from behind? All you ended up with was a platform full of shit But then you really didn’t seem to mind Why’d you let the devil fuck you up the ass? Why’d you let him take you from behind? All you ended up with was a platform full of shit But then again you didn’t seem to mind
They can’t get away They’d cease to exist They’re loath to admit How bad they need this No worries about Real world cowardice With 0s and 1s They think it’ll bring The means to an end Contend it’s all good Pretend they’re your friend The time that is spent And the truth that is bent With 0s and 1s And it all is found In a single place And no one ever Needs to show their face And they can plead their case With no evidence in place They don’t need to think They don’t need to learn The words that they type The data they burn There’s nothing to show for it It’s all codependent On 0s and 1s The mind’s hypnotized The head’s in the sand That adult pacifier Glued to the hand It’s nothing that’s real That can be revealed In 0s and 1s They have no life force left inside They live in their sad digital divide They waste their time but don’t seem to mind As their brains get fried


released April 30, 2021


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

"His songs aren't flashy, but the riffs and lyrics are awesome."

- Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

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