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Blue Exclamation

by Michael Psycho

You don’t have to hang around If I am not amusing You’re not going to succeed If you are out to use me I can be a gracious host I won’t let you abuse it One thing I can make you do It’s wise if first you choose it You should know What to do There’s the door If I don’t expose myself I keep my mind at ease Shielded from your influence I won’t catch your disease I am distancing from your Responsibilities Go infect the outside world And kill them if you please You complain and protest That you never get your way Ignorant of the mistreatment That you do and say Only sent away thanks to A mental hold or jail You try to manipulate Around here you have failed There’s the door There’s the porch There’s the gate There’s the street
We 04:52
We are the people Who create the change We move into action And rearrange We don’t need To step aside Our strength in numbers Is bonafide Remember who we are We the people Are who show the way The future depends upon Our work today We get together When the times are tough We win the battles When we’ve had enough Remember who we are We are the people Who are organized We seek out the truth And avoid the lies We are in numbers And won’t go away The world of tomorrow We will make today Remember who we are
Don't Need 04:06
Don’t need much don’t want much at all But I know what I don’t want Don’t want from you Not what you are Don’t want your world Don’t want your wars Nothing you have Stay out my life And trying to tell me how to think and what to do
Could have quit my job today But I’m scared of being broke Would have quit my job today My life would be up in smoke Should have quit my job today My boss would think it’s a joke I have to go I need the dough My life really blows Could have quit my family But I’m scared to be alone Would have quit my family But I’m scared she’d get the home Should have quit my family But instead I’ll bitch and moan My wife and kids Think I’m stupid My life’s on the skids Could have quit my church today But I need community Would have quit my church today But they need my tithing Should have quit my church today But they fill a void for me Baptized in lies Baptized in swill I ain’t got no will Could have quit the real but I Realized that’s every day
Colleen 02:53
I’ve seen her time and time again And wanted to be more than friends A gorgeous ginger with her smile Descended from the emerald isle Colleen, colleen, colleen, colleen I must admit it I can’t lie I’m hooked I just can’t pass her by Might get rejected, might get played I have to try her anyway I’d entertain her when she’s bored Bring my potatoes to her door She’s such a beauty what a sight I want her over for the night I’m falling over for her charms I’ve got to have her in my arms A green and white and orange heart Of top of that she’s wicked smart She’s so much older than she looks A lot of history in her books That’s fine with me I’m smitten more I’ll heal her when her heart is sore
Hey Duke 03:07
I don’t get mad I get even When someone wrongs me, understand Retaliation is My go to plan Revenge is served up freezing cold If it’s to be prepared In my household Reprisal is a vulgar trait So some elitists like to say Oh well The man said “turn the other cheek” I guess I’m not a Jesus freak So yeah
Blueground 04:06
I keep going back to where I’m from It doesn’t matter what I’ve done Something keeps me coming back Again and again to where I’m from Something always pulls me back It doesn’t matter what I’ve done I never see my family I never see my friends I only see that place At the beginning and the end I never stay I can’t go back To where I once belonged That same old place Is where I’m from I just keep going back Back down, down, down, down
Happier with the less they know Brains are cleansed like they wash their clothes Led along by a force in charge Debt is high and the bills are large They live for death in bitter health And they exist to keep a small group in wealth They are blind to what they see Conditioned to a life of usury They think they work, but only lurk To earn enough to pay some greedy jerk A privileged class controls the mass And tightens up the grip as the days will pass Work all day and work all week Everyone is afraid to speak No one dares to make complaints Or walk away from their unhealthy state This meager trap is all they have Their present and their future looks really sad Do all they can to keep their home In order to survive they’re on their own But they won’t stop their loyalty To those who keep them in wage slavery Corporate brands with familiar names Crony capitalism games Dangled wealth is on a stick And then pulled away before they get to it They get abused and have no say In their overlord’s rent seeking ways The one percent feigns innocence And blames the unemployed for laziness They don’t ask why, and toe the line Because they have the bill collector on their minds Just one paycheck from homelessness No way to escape this mess The answers few and far between Help to improve their lot remains to be seen They need a market under rule of law Which up ‘til now is something they rarely saw They need to regulate the banks Stop all the money going to bombs and tanks But I don’t really feel much hope Because most of them never ever even vote
Red MAGA cap goes on When you’re finished for the night Display the blue stripe flag With a field of black and white Out on the streets all day In a minority neighborhood If a purge was in effect You’d take the overtime if you could The city government Has the budget that you need No problem arming up The funding’s guaranteed Warrior mentality Though not where rich people live But the poorer areas Are where there’s no quarter to give When they decide to march You’ve got to put them in their place No problem firing A rubber bullet to the face Don’t like them athlete boys When they take a knee But when it’s on a subject’s neck That’s where you love to be Cause you’re a…
Europeans wrecked the world And they never will take the blame All that wanton destruction Was all fun and games Enslaving foreign lands To take what they could get Committing genocide To ensure their needs were met The Europeans wrecked the world Europeans wrecked the world In the name of ethnic pride Most of them killed happily Some were neutral and stepped aside Tried to force Christianity On the rest of the planet's folks Burning heathens at the stake And rejoicing at the corpses' smoke Feudalism... Imperialism... Colonialism... Racism... Capitalism... Anti-Semitism... Fascism... Elitism... Europeans wrecked the world But they think that they made it great They actually perfected Mass murder and the fascist state Millions were slaughtered off Due to someone's belief or creed Entire nations killed for A leader's sick philosophy
Don’t be losing days Don’t be losing track Don’t be wasting this You can’t get it back If you have remorse For losing on the past You’ll have even more Repentance coming fast There’s no time for that It’s too precious now To unwisely waste Shouldn’t hesitate Shouldn’t act in haste Use discretion well Find some busy joy Make sure you create Mostly fools destroy There’s no time for that Wisdom is your friend She’s an ally true Pay attention to her She’ll be good to you Let the world alone Nothing there is real Don’t sign the pact Of the devil’s deal There’s no time for that
The sun is down Hide Don’t show your face in plain sight Don’t show your face in the night Don’t let them play with your life Plan what to do to revive The sun is up The time is now Rise Do what it takes to stay alive Don’t let them play with your mind Break down the door and arrive Leave those old ways and means behind Don’t die Survive


released June 26, 2020


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

"His songs aren't flashy, but the riffs and lyrics are awesome."

- Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

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