Just Another Pigeon

by Michael Psycho



released October 7, 2003


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

Old, angry guy and reputedly the world's most hated musician. Creator of DIY classics such as the 1990 vinyl slab named "Think" (re-released on S-S Records in 2014). The world is his playpen. He always gets what he wants in the end. He has the uncanny ability to witness karma and schadenfreude simultaneously. People in "I ♥ Haters" shirts hate him. ... more

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Track Name: Mea Culpa Diet
I won’t be held hostage to secure your happiness through exploitation

Won’t feel any guilt by ditching you if I’m escaping being used

This world has many ways of getting people into messed up situations

I’ve seen the traps disguised as opportunities and easily refused

So go and sin no more

Or sin some more and stay away from me

My stomach has no tolerance

For your pipe dreams and selfish needs

You’ve devised some lofty plans in order to secure your satisfaction

Unfortunately, your success depends upon the deeds of someone else

Imagine what your thoughts could be if you had only followed up with action

But all your actions have become a parasitic tribute to yourself

I wish you the best of luck

And I feel lucky nowadays indeed

I figured out your strategies

And cut the chain and now I’m free

Satan must be jealous of your able talents of manipulation

And yearns to have the grand ability to persuade the way you do

The schmoozing most admittedly is rather an impressive demonstration

With the right victim you could have their soul signed up before it’s through

You sure are a funny one

Except the joke for me has gotten thin.

The open mike is closing down

And now it’s time to pack it in.
Track Name: The Human Condition
The greedy and ignorant need

To control the masses so they don’t

Discover their asses

As intellectual pretenders reality benders

Distorting the truth with a smokescreen

Paving a path of lies

Discreetly disguised as secrets to success

But they’re really just excuses for being mean

And leaving our world in a mess

Suppressing the human process with

Profits and losses so that they can

Prove who the boss is

Set up on an inhumane system which constantly

Gyps the oppressed ones

Who can’t get inside

That circle of privilege made

Smaller and smaller for anyone

Caught outside of the gates

And left in the cold to forage for ways

To get through the day

And barely survive

This really doesn’t need to happen

This terminal trap in

Which things are planned out and done

But when the control ends up

In the hands of the shallow

You can’t expect much to follow

I see a day when somehow they get wiser

And living quality rises

And people don’t have to behave like they’re

In the wild jungle

To keep their stomachs from rumbling

Why after thousands of years can’t humanity

Come up with better ways to survive

I guess some folks are just slow learners

And some hope that change will never arrive

Until we reach that higher level

We’re just lower animals

Not any better or worse

Despite all the gadgets and edifices

If we don’t wake up

We shall cease to exist
Track Name: Fin
Some see me as negative

Having not much love to give

But that’s just their bitterness disguised

These are all the same ingrates

Spiritual deadbeats hiding hate

Never really can reciprocate

Optimists like to pretend

They are happy ‘til the end

There’s a lot of pain they’re keeping down

What will this lead to in time

What will this lead to inside

Happiness is just a state of mind

Why have we gotten here

Where will we go

I have no real answers

That’s not for me

To really know

People say that life’s unfair

That’s not true so I don’t care

If my views will get me ostracized

Life is fair, we’re born, we live

Then we go and hopefully

We left in something good before we die

Human schemes and human acts

Make things unfair and that’s a fact

Try and fool me with your best debate

Some blame demon wickedness

Some hate God ‘cause we exist

I just want to exorcise their hate

And when I close my eyes

For the very last time

I’ll have no regrets

That can’t be said

By everyone…
Track Name: War
The puppeteer of propaganda
Strikes again
And sells the citizens
A lust for death
In the name of nationalism
And the pride of acting tough
The blood is shed
Upon the ground
Because their minds have not
Evolved enough

You wrap the flag and wear it
Like a social womb
And chastise those
Who don’t agree with you
As the bloodlust reaches fever pitch
You’ll sloganeer some more
No longer care or recollect
The reasons that your nation’s fighting for

A country’s ego
Is the sum of its intent
I’d hope the lives and money
Would be spent
On improvement of the common good
And quality of life
But more often than not
It builds up armies
Just to slaughter and divide

The ways to solve the problem
When it’s waging war
Is just the lower animal’s way to go
It’s much easier than dialogue
Diplomacy takes time
In the instant world they live in
They must stick to faster ways
Of changing minds

A convenient tyrant
Always helps the cause
Although the conquerors
Can be much worse
With the promise of democracy
Of course it’s for a price
Though freedom is the selling point
Their profit is the genuine device

Civilizations kill themselves after a time
The greed leads to eventual suicide
With the ache for power taking over
Like a deadly drug
The addicts do not know
Or really care about
What they are dying of

The ones who gain true wisdom
Tend to see the signs
When their world loses
Its collective mind
And the time is coming soon
When we will see this for ourselves
The foundation’s going to crumble
And the structure will collapse
Upon itself

And from the ashes
Of destructed humankind
The phoenix of the higher mind
Will rise
And the hope is then renewed
To see the chance of better ways
To resolve the conflicts
And to end the savage tactics
Of the darker days
Track Name: I Guess, I Suppose
Lost in a jungle full of phoniness and lies

She came to me without a method of disguise

And as the time has moved upon its endless way

I cannot feel the emptiness of yesterday

I can’t declare all of the things I want to say

It’s just an overload of stillness on the ground

While at the top I feel my mind is spinning round

And yet the answers are still few and far between

Although the clues are there I now know what they mean

And I am grateful that I have now found my queen

I all but gave up on my happiness it seemed

But now she’s helping me to tear down the machines

And after dealing with the things which we have dealt

I see my own life is reflected in her self

And when I close my eyes and go to sleep at night

I see my perfect dream and wish to hold her tight

And then to reminisce upon the morning light

We start to navigate the course of no man’s land

And ride it carefully and try to understand

That there ain’t really any end to this here road

And there won’t be a time for everything to know

The movement will be fast although it may seem slow

The trip will be a mystery and rightly so

And we will never know how many miles we’ll go
Track Name: Au Contraire
You say you’re sick and tired

Of government as usual

I’m sick of you

And all the foolish shit you do

You have a chance to show

Some true responsibility

You’re fuckin’ blowing it

Your vote’s a tragedy

You think you took a stand

But really you were led

You let yourself get used

Now you’re a pawn instead

I wish to God that someone

Could display some common sense

But I won’t kid myself

That’s not the present tense

You bought the lies and games

And happily had played along

You think you changed the station

But it plays the same old song

The grassroots movement

Wasn’t really there and run by those who

Used you just to get more power

Now they can laugh at you

Your blind stupidity helped to

Preserve the status quo

But why feel any guilt

Aw Hell, you didn’t know

The greedy interests are grateful

That you bought the sting

When things get even worse

You can’t recall anything

You are all suckers

You are all suckers

You are all suckers

And only have yourselves to blame
Track Name: Don't Tread On Me
My patriotism isn’t from my being vain

My principles don’t come from my financial gains

I am American and proud of what we’ve got

I won’t let anyone try to tell me I’m not

If anyone thinks they can take this country from me they are wrong

If they dare step over the line then they’ll get stopped before too long

I know I’m not alone and there are other out there besides me

Who will not tolerate intolerance and fight to keep us free

There’s no accomplishment from brute force alone

Just fill up a bunch of body bags to send back home

My right to speak my mind about the government

Is no less vital if my views are in dissent

To try to question any loyalty in me is their mistake

If anything their hate’s disguised as loving freedom and that’s fake

And I respect the flag and all the sacrifice for which it stands

I won’t turn it into a new swastika for some fascists’ plans

Some day

We will have

A land of liberty

And justice once again…

Some one

Must take a stand

So we can live as free

Americans again…

Don’t tread on me

Don’t dare tread

Don’t tread on me
Track Name: Whathafuzzit
It’s not even about compulsion

It’s not even about obsession

It’s all about identification

And your alleged maturation

You got your grown up props

And they define who you are

They prove that you’re an adult

Although you still live with Mom and Dad

You go and hang out in bars

And try to get some results

And tell yourself it’s not so bad

You know it’s not an addiction

But your logic is fiction

And you can’t see the connection

You got your grown up props

You got your drink in your hand

You got your smoke in your mouth

You have become your old man

But you know you have full control

You think you know about yourself

You think you know what you’ve become

You’re just your version of everyone

You think you have got it all set

But you’ve only replaced your parents

You are now your parents

You’ve replaced your parents

You let yourself get bought and sold

Just like your parents

You’re satisfied with your station

Of social regeneration

It’s only my observation

You can’t outgrow your frustration
Track Name: It's Never Bad Enough
And it turns out like it’s never bad enough

Yes it turns out like it’s never bad enough

And it comes and goes and hangs around

And comes back in a while

But it turns out like it’s never bad enough

And it looks like there’s a morning sky of red

Yes it looks like there’s a morning sky of red

And if we are all so lucky

By the night we won’t be dead

And it looks like there’s a morning sky of red

And there’ll be some celebrating come the sun

Yes there’ll be some celebrating come the sun

But the rain is fast approaching

And who knows when it be done

And there’ll be some celebrating come the sun
Track Name: Enough
In the course of our lives
We seem to learn nothing
Just trying to survive
And letting so much go their way

We let them control us
And make us do what they please
If we don't stop it
We'll never be free

They tempt us and bribe us
We just go for the bait
They drag us wherever they please
We pretend to like it
We're not as dumb as it seems
Just lonely and desperate
We think that we have this full
What we've really made is garbage

They more we think we have
The lesser we become
Is there ever any end?
When will we have enough?

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