Voltage Pile

by Michael Psycho



released January 30, 2007


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

Old, angry guy and reputedly the world's most hated musician. Creator of DIY classics such as the 1990 vinyl slab named "Think" (re-released on S-S Records in 2014). The world is his playpen. He always gets what he wants in the end. He has the uncanny ability to witness karma and schadenfreude simultaneously. People in "I ♥ Haters" shirts hate him. ... more

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Track Name: Emotional Baggage Check
A foolish ride on a jealous road
Keep inside until it explodes

Ugly fears that they do not care
Only regurgitates despair
Bitter memoirs of love denied

Feeling tired and over stressed
Issues that can’t be addressed

Ever failing to see the signs
Of Hell disguised as a life refined
Track Name: YesUR1
You chipped away at a tree
And tried to claim your own
Instead of planting a seed
Corrupted what’s been grown

Yes, you’re one of them
No, you’re not exempt
Yes, you’re one of them

You grin and try to be smug
As if it’s all a joke
When the smoke is cleared
You’re laughing in a mirror at yourself

You took your father’s house
And let it rot to shame
And when it goes beyond disrepair
You’re last to take the blame

Yours is no philosophy
It’s just a cheap façade
Mirrors, smoke, mirrors, smoke, mirrors, smoke,
No more…
Track Name: Esans Pensée
I need some common sense
Heart always tricks my head
I've got no common sense
Heart always tricks my head
If only I'd see what could lie ahead
My heart wouldn't trick my head
Always knew of the consequence
And don't think I'd ever cared
Never seen what would lie ahead
My heart calls the shots instead
Track Name: What's the News?
She's confused
She don't know what to do
Now that her house burned down
There's nowhere for refuge
Now that her cats are dead
There's no one left to lose
Now lonely bagger boy
Is asking, "What's the news?"

She's confused
She don't know what to do
She might be giving up
Enough to not refuse
She might feel vulnerable
Enough to make a move
Now lonely bagger boy
Is asking, "What's the news?"

She's confused
She don't know what to do
On the sea of meaninglessness
Aboard a ship of fools.
She's got those
"Run Away to Machu Picchu Blues"
Now lonely bagger boy
Is asking, "What's the news?"
Track Name: All Is Well
Now all is well
Except we've lost our way now
In a certain way
We cannot just return there
It is now
Near impossible
To find a way back
If we try
In a time
We will find a way back

In these times
We can't turn away now
In each town
In the streets
We must stand together
It is when
We unite
We will find the way back
Hit those statues
And pull them down
Idols are disgraced now

Inside of every heart
It is time to wake up
Visions of a better day
Once our minds are made up
It can start
If we just prepare now
In the stars
Is a plan
To restore our faith now

In this time
In this time
In this time we're in now
All we've been through
How can we fail to come back
In this time
We must cast out the old guard
So now we better make the best we can
With our time
Track Name: Skeeno Shuffle
Shut up Elijah
We haven't passed Boomtown yet
I reckon now
You just don't get it
You're flat behaving like a cranky child
We got the 80 backed up several miles

Smoke six more cigarettes
Before you get there
You'll get in trouble with
That icy stare

Put down that cell phone
She knows you're coming into town
You called 14 times already
You really should stop screwing around
You know she'll put up with your icy stare
Visa or MasterCard, she don't care

Shut up Elijah
We haven't passed Boomtown yet
Track Name: Miscellaneous Works Of God
I've heard some wicked tales
From crazy friends of mine
Seen their share of blue lights in the rear view mirror
(No lie)
While I've been entertained by
All these tales of yore
Makes me glad that my skin has been much thinner

I'll leave malevolence to experts in the field
I have no reference for these skills

I'll save my expectations
For the simple life
And miscellaneous works of God

I've had associates
With colorful resumes
Got sent up to more than merely picking up litter
(You know what I mean)
If you had filled the shoes
Of what they've seen and known
It wouldn't be the winter wind that makes you shiver
Track Name: Wayhail
Go to Hell
Wake us up when our feet and hands are nailed
They will fail
We'll break out from their cheesy mental jail

Once we find their Achilles' heel
We'll be on their tail
Conditions will reverse and then
Karma's judges deny their bail

Things will tilt
When one little slip
Of the lip is filled with guilt
We'll rebel
And send shockwaves
To the deepest depths they dwell

Only time that they see sunlight
Is leaking through the shades
When a storm is seen outside
They try to fly away
Travis Bickle's
Our patron saint
And we don't mean
In a Hinckley way
We ain't holy but let's pray for rain
To come and wash the true scum away.

It's all washed away...
Track Name: Call Forwarding
If the sun and if the stars
Have hit with all the rays
Perhaps Existence died
Or missed you for a day

But now it settles in to stay
And now it's seen in shades of gray
And now it eats another naked force of pain

In a sight of inner sighting
It can gnaw away
And all it leads to now
Is an imprint on a grave

And in a steel nocturnal way
Any amount of evil's turned away
Hidden out in scenes of heart
And dipped pen points of rain

It's an eye full of sleeper sand
That sinks away intent
Then a people's cry and a hero's stand
Throws out the Establishment

And now it's seen after descent
Who's really foe and who is friend
With luck at least you'll know
Who's with you `til the end
Track Name: Chants Fever
I want to know right now
Tell me right now
What do you have
Planned for my execution
I'll bet there's a thrill you get
Envisioning my death
Bring on the first witness
For the prosecution

I want to know right now
Tell me right now

Your anger at me
Seems to stem from when I broke it free
I got over you a long time ago
I will wear your disrespect
Like a medal on my chest
You'll only waste your time
So don't waste your breath

I want to know right now
Tell me right now

You're frustrated with me
Because I didn't catch
Your disease
I been immune from you
And that's killed your moves
I need to know why you want me dead
But I ain't heard a reason yet
Bring on one witness
For the prosecution
Track Name: Whoopsie Madoopsie
She's just a girl who knows what she needs
And in the end it's worth her doing the deeds
Most every weekend she'll be on the streets
Her deals can't be beat

Give her the money and she won't kill nothin'

She catches all the eyes near and far
As she assumes her position at the end of the bar
She got a right smart pair of drink tickets on her
She ain't exactly looking for a man of honor

Give her the money and she won't kill nothin'

She has the drive to get men to provide
Any port in a storm is her natural norm
She ain't no working girl and she ain't no stripper
Show her the Bennys and she'll hit the zipper

Give her the money and she won't kill nothin'
Track Name: Enemy of the State
It's time to instigate the fight
When something obviously
Isn't looking right
They're taking lives out every day
And people suffer
Just so despots get their way

I can't follow rogues
Full of lies and hate
Because I refuse
I am an enemy of the state

They're sure that they can't be restrained
The proletariat's pretense can be sustained
The mind control must be erased
So true democracy in time
Can take its place
Track Name: Silicon Enkephalin
In silent misery
They hope to live their dreams
And then pretend
Now's what it seems
Distracted from their path
They don't correct it back
To where they want to be


Operant conditioning
Is what most days will bring
Escapist songs
Are what they hear and sing
In cinematic lies
The ends are falsified


The standards are deployed
And naively enjoyed
By those who have no other choice
In ways they do not know
They hold an overflow of

Track Name: A Portrait of the Artists as Old Failures
Stuck in the head
From the cruel things that were said
Is written
A found poem of regret
They could not turn the tide
Predestined to take a slide
They all got painted over
And they died

The work was cranking out
Without one thin shred of doubt
Until creative breakdowns
Turned the tide
And all that still remained
Were frustration and the pain
A fag end of a life
Deflating pride
Track Name: Panic Girl
She wants to wander
And then she wonders
Why people leave her
And they deceive her

She can wander if she wants to
She just won't get very far

She wants to wander
And then she wonders
Why they reject her
And disrespect her

She wants to wander
And then she wonders
Why people use her
And all abuse her

She wants to wander

And then she wonders

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