The Purge

by Michael Psycho



released June 7, 1994


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

Old, angry guy and reputedly the world's most hated musician. Creator of DIY classics such as the 1990 vinyl slab named "Think" (re-released on S-S Records in 2014). The world is his playpen. He always gets what he wants in the end. He has the uncanny ability to witness karma and schadenfreude simultaneously. People in "I ♥ Haters" shirts hate him. ... more

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Track Name: Gogodildodancer
No lyrics really. Just a bunch of "ahlllahhllahllahllahhllahhlahhll"
Track Name: A Different Face
Walking away from things
Is easy to do.
Retreating from a wasteful thing
Is all right to do.
And if you can’t tear away,
You’ll never be free.
You’ll just be in a wasted life.
That’s nowhere to be.

So you think you’d be better off on your own?
Keep reminding yourself how much that you’ve grown?
But you’ll just recruit a different face
It’s just a different face
But you’ll be playing the same old game.

Trying to resurrect the glories
Of the good old days.
But see, you can’t repeat your past,
At least not in those ways.
You think it’s hell to be alone.
I know this is true.
But wouldn’t you rather have your pride.
And wear your own shoes?
Track Name: Kill Trap
He was a quiet and a clean-cut guy,

A perfect neighbor. Never made any waves.

Kept to himself; only smiled and said “HI”,

Then he’d keep a-going on his way.

He’d get on his bike and he’d ride to his job

As a clerk in a grocery store.

Got along with his bosses, and his co-workers too.

They all thought he was an okay dude.

On his lunch break, he’d sit and read Herbert Marcuse.

He walked in the shopping mall department store

One chilly December evening.

Took a look around at the holiday crowd.

He unzipped his field jacket and screamed out loud.

Pulled out an AK and a Glock 17.

He filled the air with bullets. It was quite a scene.

He hit about a dozen people, killed about half.

He took a smoke break and he started to laugh.

He took several hostages and called Channel 3.

He demanded… that the governor masturbate on live TV.

They told him “No, sorry, son, that can’t be done.”

So he shot a hostage, then he quickly made another one:

That his cat be appointed ambassador to Saturn.

The doctor theorized he’d stopped his medication.

So, they’d plotted out a way to end the situation.

The SWAT team closed in and aimed at his head.

They later got medals for shooting him dead.
Track Name: Rich Kid
Think you’re above my life?

You should know better than that.

Just someone with expensive things;

I want much more than that.

You’re somebody’s spoiled little brat.

Bank account nice and fat.

Mom and Dad are all you’ve earned.

Face it, you’ve got money to burn.

Think you’re an aristocrat

With influential friends?

If you were disowned tomorrow,

They wouldn’t give you their last crap.

Is money all you ever think of?

Ever think of falling in love?

More than just for fortune and fame;

Not to marry into a name.

Nowadays, you’re the toast of town.

The debutramps think you’re divine.

You’re just too elegant,

You dandy pearled swine.

Someday, you’ll get your dessert.

Screwed up with nowhere to turn.

They’ll send you off to the shrink.

Your empty life has made you sink.
Track Name: Drug Fiends
Drug fiends

Walking down my street

Hanging around in font of my house

Looking for people to cheat

Drug fiends

Dying to get high

Beating people up for money

Just so they can buy

More drugs

More drugs

More drugs

More drugs ‘cause that’s all they do

They’re drug fiends

Drug fiends

Getting on my nerves

People cut ‘em too much slack

More than they deserve

Drug fiends

I’m sharpening up my sword

Think I’ll go out for a walk

Slice and dice about 24 of them…
Track Name: You've Got To Serve Yourself
You're turning into the type I hate,

As I watch you disintegrate.

You let your partying dictate your life,

Cutting off your future like a knife.

I'm not trying to tell you

How you should spend tour time.

But if you just waste it,

You're getting none of mine.

You've got to save yourself.

You've got to serve yourself.

I know I sound like the preaching type.

Deep down inside, you know I'm right.

When's the alienation going to end,

Burning bridges with your closest friends?

I know I'm not perfect;

At least I'm in control,

While you're busy digging

A deeper and deeper hole.

You've got to save yourself.

You've got to serve yourself.
Track Name: Surrender (Nothing Is Legal)

'Cause nothing is legal anymore

Just sit in your house and watch TV

Just sit on your porch and drink your beer

'Cause nothing is legal anymore...
Track Name: The Purge
You’ve got a lot of nerve,

Thinking you’re superior.

You’ve got a lot to learn.

If you play me, you’ll get burned.

Thinking you can step on me…

Get nothing in return?

You ain’t seen the last of me,

I’m just waiting patiently

For my turn to take you off your pedestal,

Burn your image and drag your soul straight down to Hell.

You picked the wrong man to screw around.

You need someone to

Knock your ass straight to the ground.

You made a big mistake,

Dicked me off straight in my face

And I bought it. What a waste.

People like you make the world what it is today:

Plastic, ignorant and cruel.

Go ahead, say what you’ll say.

You’ll get yours real soon I guarantee.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me or you disagree.

I’ll show you what spiritual warfare really means.

I’ll teach you not to

Fuck with my reality…
Track Name: One More Day
Standing in the corner

And the room is filling up.

Why do I feel all alone,

So lonely in a crowd?

I feel bored and so on edge

With nothing else to do

Except to go out in the world

On one more stupid search for…


Life. It seems so useless

Because we are apart.

And I know you feel the same

As we drag around our hearts.

It hurts my head, my eyes get red

The water starts to fill

Whenever I am thinking

That we’ll never meet…

We never will.

We just can’t connect.

We’ve got to live our separate lives

‘Cause we’re not getting younger

And it’s a struggle to survive.

We’ll never have the chance to find out

Who’s dead or who’s alive,

‘Cause we’re too busy dealing

With the rest of our lives.

Yea yea yea

Ooo… one more day…
Track Name: Hard Guy, Dead Guy
I see you every once in a while

Looking hard as I pass you by

Funny how so hard you try

Looking like you’re such a hard guy

Think you’re a real man?

You’re just a charlatan

A lower animal

Stinking up the program

You don’t scare me

You’re just a tragedy

A third-rate actor

Just another nobody

You think it’s cool to fight?

Your head ain’t screwed right

You’ll find the truth out

One day or night

Someone may stomp you

Might even kill you

The news will play you up

As one more dead fool

One more dead fool gone at last


Arrivederci… good riddance.
Track Name: Y.M.G.C.S.W.S.
I git up in the morning

And take my ass to work

I work all day, go home an’ eat, get drunk have sex and go to sleep

‘Cause I’m a FUCKPIG!!! And that’s all I’ll ever be

Yeah, I’m a FUCKPIG!!! Lord, have mercy over me

I’m underpaid, I got a shitty job

I really hate my boss

But if I quit, my wife would leave me

Plus I couldn’t buy no more beer

And I’m a FUCKPIG!!! And I’ve got no self-control

Yeah, I’m a FUCKPIG!!! Lord, have mercy on my soul

I sold my soul to the company store

But hey, man, I don’t care

As long as I’m always stinkin’ drunk

And my dick is getting sucked

I’ll be a FUCKPIG!!! And that’s all I’ll ever be

Yeah, I’m a FUCKPIG!!! Lord, have mercy over me

On my days off, I watch TV

Get drunk and fuck my wife

I’ll be like that ‘most every day

For the rest of my sorry life,

I’ll be a FUCKPIG!!! ‘Cause I’ve got no self-control

Yeah, I’m a FUCKPIG!!!

Satan straight up raped my soul…
Track Name: I’m Apathetic (And I Don’t Care)
See that woman out on the street

See her husband slash her like a piece of meat

Someone should call 911

But I don’t get involved with anyone

I’m apathetic and I don’t care

I do nothing and people stare

I can’t help it life’s unfair

I only work ‘cause it pays the bills

Never seeking kicks and thrills

Spend all weekend vegging out

Nothing’s what my life’s about

Don’t even try to get me to vote

I think ballots are a fucked up joke

Politicians are all the same

None of them even know my name

My girlfriend is a neurotic wreck

Thinks I only want her ‘round for sex

Yeah she’s right I just want to get laid

Which is once every 30 days

All these philosophers are such butt wipes

Waste their time with the meaning of life

If there is a meaning I could care less

Knowing would just make me depressed
Track Name: Turn Off the Butt Rock
Don't wanna hear it any more
Turn off the butt rock
I can't stand it anymore
Turn off the butt rock
I don't like the way it sounds
Turn off the butt rock
I don't like what it represents
Turn off the butt rock

Turn off the butt rock
Turn off the butt rock

You don't even like how it sounds
Turn off the butt rock
You just think you'll have more friends
If you turn up the butt rock
Why can't you just understand
And turn off the butt rock
Playing that just makes people mad
Turn off the butt rock

Turn off the butt rock
Turn off the butt rock
Turn off the butt rock
Turn off the butt rock

Shut it down! Do it now!
Turn off the butt rock

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