Intermittent Reinforcement From The Muse

by Michael Psycho



released December 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Michael Psycho

Old, angry guy and reputedly the world's most hated musician. Creator of DIY classics such as the 1990 vinyl slab named "Think" (re-released on S-S Records in 2014). The world is his playpen. He always gets what he wants in the end. He has the uncanny ability to witness karma and schadenfreude simultaneously. People in "I ♥ Haters" shirts hate him. ... more

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Track Name: Severance
I can’t stay here anymore

Don’t want to waste another day

Which ends up just as sad as

All the ones before

When I try to focus on

The things that need attention

In my life I can’t and

Doom just drags me down.

But if I over think

And lose a night of sleep

It’s not because some guilty conscience

Drove me mad.

I just can’t take it anymore

So I’ll just sit and watch instead

I’m just resigned to killing time

Until I’m dead.

You and I

Have severed any ties

And now we float about

Like wreckage in the storm.

Between the lines of my intent

I hide the motives of my deeds

And in the end get

What I need.

But what I need isn’t what I want

And so I stay entrapped

In foolish servitude

To no real end.

Trying to comprehend

Some point to what I’ve done

Makes me disgusted with

The choices that I make.

I can’t evaluate

The questions in my head that

I’ll never ask, I never will

So why obsess?

You and I

Don’t bother anymore

To figure out what can be done

To save ourselves.
Track Name: 37 Times
I must have done some good somewhere

Since now you are here

Naked in my bed

Like you were painted by Gauguin

Look at me and get me high

Like the coquette in my dreams

I’ve lost track of the time

Let it slip on by

You stayed with me ‘til I was dead and gone

And that’s the future which I’ve held upon

All I have to do is think of you

And I win eternal life
Track Name: Gibberish In Three
Can’t stand up

Got my nuts kicked

I let myself go

I simply found it easy

To amount to nothing
But got it all wrong

Afraid to let you in

And I let you down baby

Didn’t get the job done

I hardly knew you woman

When we weren’t in the bed

And in respect to being

Up to no good

Pray away

All that sticks in my head

But then I ended up leaving

And breaking your heart

And you crawled on your hands

And your knees in the sand

I know what you’re doing

You’re putting on a show

Yeah, thinking you’re

Skipping over things

It’s there, in a minute

You’ll take it and gone

On a long hard road

God damned ‘bout a year

Got some damaged pride

And a center of fear

Ending off trail

To lose them tracks

I got tired

Hearing what they say

Can’t consider

Anything’s tied to me

And you wiggle your hips

For dollars and gold

It’s a social disease

To roam all day

Your hope in life

Is fading out

Is it one minute spent

Being happy enough

Deaf to all

Your inner angel has to say

And blind to all

Of those rivers you cross

Throwing thoughts out

Just to hope they’ll mesh

Might come by

An attractive pitch

And someone might find

In the vortex of life

A drug of delusion

That’s inside their mind

Ascertain it’s insane

For any free thought

There’s not a shred

Of innocence

Burnt offerings

To keep you on your heels

That aren’t that great

And don’t have much appeal

When I did decide

To go for broke

And try to fix your heart

It just made you upset
Track Name: Shitcanned
You really thought

You had it made

Time to settle down

And get steady pay

It didn’t turn out that way

The economy’s going south

When you suddenly found

You got


In the hardest way

That they don’t want you now

So they turned around and

Told you to take a hike

Though you tried real hard

To be well liked

You got


You didn’t have a clue

And now you’re wondering

What you’re gonna do

Jumped through hoops

Just like a dog

You even snitched

Some people off

Now you know

That you were wrong

You’re out on your ass

And you realize

You got shitcanned

For the bottom line

That made them decide

To kick ya to the curb

You got


Your loyalty

For the company

Didn’t mean a thing

When the profit margin

Starts looking mean

Then it’s time

For you to leave

And get


Just like him

He thought he’d retire

On the company dime

But then one day

Real life set in

And his happy ending

Was modified

To a tragedy

He didn’t see

That the powers that be

Don’t give a fuck

And he’s


Just like her

She was a corporate pet

And now she’s got no job

Despite the fact

That for years

She slobbed the boss’s knob

Did whatever

She was told to do

Then one day they called

Her in

Just to tell her that she was through

And she got


Just like you

When someday the company

Concludes that you are through

And deciding to

Eliminate your job

Is an idea they think is great

Don’t get too confident

Or feel secure

Cuz to them

You’re human resource manure

To get shitcanned
Track Name: Get Some Height
I heard you talking all about yourself

Just the other day

And then the week before that

And the past few years as well

You seem to struggle with the meaning of it all

Which puts you in the same predicament

As several billion souls

And all you seem to talk about

Is how hard your struggle is

Instead of sympathy or empathy

You make me take the piss

You’ve got issues (God bless you)

You’ve got issues (Here’s a tissue)
Track Name: Walk Of Shame
If you take that walk of shame

I’m not to blame

When you are coming to my place at night

You have to leave before

The slightest trace of daylight

‘Cause if the neighbors see you coming in

They’ll think you’re living in a life of sin

Just ‘cause you’re wearing the same clothes

And for some reason you think that they’ll know

That you’ve been fornicating all night long

And in their minds they’ll think that’s wrong

Sounds like you’re living in an uptight place

Where people like to get into each other’s face

And gossip’s spread amongst their selves

And their mentality’s about the age of twelve

You must really care about their point of view

I don’t know why, seems like a wasteful thing to do

All I know is that I’m not to blame

If you decide to take that walk of shame

If you take that walk of shame

I’m not to blame
Track Name: Lafayette, What Are Your Crimes?

What are your crimes

Hey Lafayette

Who’s your assassins this time

Jubela Jubelo and Jubelum?

Was that a natural death

In that hotel room?

When I read

About the lies

That you wrote down

To invade their minds

I first thought

About the beast

And how rocket fuel

Must be released


What are your crimes

Hey Lafayette

Do you remember the time

You sent out to me

Three of your boys

To do a man’s job with

Broken toys

I said hey

They said “What?”

I said, “What’s this?”

And I pulled out my gun

They got smart

And they started to run


What are your crimes


You should have done time

How the Hell

Did you walk away


Seems to seize the day

All your words

Can’t hide your flaws

And all your flock

Evade because

They know

You’re faker than Santa Claus

It takes a real actor to

Support the cause
Track Name: Gimme A Brick
Hipster sycophants are all you've got

You think you're clever but you're not

You huff and puff at my brick house

And you go fuck yourself

Good thing you're famous

And you've made a lot of money

Since you're otherwise as helpless

As a puppy on the street

Now you have people

Who can wipe your ass for paychecks

'Til you go broke 'cause yer stupid

Or you die of an OD

You say you're talented

In truth you really aren't

You cite your influences well

But they don't really show at all

Nobody with half a brain

Would give you the time of day

Give me a brick and I can show you

What I think of your display
Track Name: Deja Vu
When I was a young man
Thought I knew it all
Now I’ve realized
I knew nothing

As the years went by
I didn’t try to learn
And as a result
I fell backwards

There’s no one else to blame
I’m here for just so long
And won’t see the same day

When I was a young man
Thought I knew it all
Now I’ve realized
I knew nothing

As the years flew by
I let things slip away
And soon I shifted gears
Into idle.

There’s no one else to blame
I’m here and then I’m gone
Where life will lead me
It’s hard to say.
Track Name: G.F.O.D.
She always fails to let me down

And I don't take that for granted

I can see us leaving town

And all this wretched place behind

In a world with no regrets

Where we both can live our lives

And we'll both be free and happy

And look forward to what's next

She shined a light

That opened up my eyes

I found a way

That we can get away

And seize the day
Track Name: Enter The Fat Lady
Some like to talk a lot
About this life that we've all got
I'm not sure what thy mean
I'm sure I don't know what I want
I could be satisfied
If there was some point to this song
There isn't one
So please forget what I said

Self styled godly types
Will try to guide me on what to see
But they're fools
The truth is
It's too late to rescue me
What's the point of searching
With no objective to the task
There are simply no more answers
With no questions left to ask
Track Name: Sit On It
He wants a permanent role
He wants mental control
He wants to dig you a hole
He goes where illest winds blow

He gotta lotta stuff he gotta let out of outta there
But he’ll take it outta you and if yer hurt,
he won’t care

He lost his head long ago
He wants to make what you know
He’s got nefarious goals
His gut’s a big jellyroll

He needs his tales to be told
He wants to swallow you whole
He’s got ideas that he stole
He wants your head on a pole

Yeah, he sits on his soul…
His brain is just his asshole.
Track Name: Poon Pa Poon Pa Poon
("Lyrics? Fuckin' a, on this one, your guess is as good as mine." -MP)

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